Doing Business with HWH

This information is intended to help interested parties conduct business with the Helena-West Helena Housing Authority.

The Helena-West Helena Housing Authority (HWH) wants to do business with you. In fact, we strongly encourage Minority Owned Business Enterprises (MBE), Women Owned Enterprises (WBE), Small Business Enterprises (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), and Section 3 businesses to aggressively peruse business opportunities at HWH. Participation may be through direct sales by subcontracting, or a business partnership agreement.

Open Bids

HWH must publicly solicit sealed bids and competitive proposals. At this time, HWH advertises in newspapers or other print mediums of local or general circulations.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

To take advantage of the many opportunities at HWH a prospective company would need to:

  • Frequently check our website for various opportunities as they arise.
  • Join many other vendors who have signed up to be automatically notified as HWH develops and advertises potential business opportunities. This can be done by contacting our Procurement Department at

Am I a Section 3 Business?

Please complete the information below and click the "Check" button. If you qualify based on at least one basis below then your organization is considered a Section 3 business.

1. Is 51% of Your Business Owned By Section 3 Residents?

2. Does 30% of Your Current Full-Time Staff Meet the Definition of a Section 3 Resident?

3. Does Your Business have Evidence of Firm Commitment(s) to Provide 25% of the Total Dollar Amount of Subcontracts to Section 3 Businesses?